Starting Anew

ca. 1910s Little River Drainage District Collection, Courtesy of the Missouri State Archives

I created this site over a year ago with the intention of developing a professional online presence and sharing my forays into digital history. Life got in the way and I realized I was too focused on becoming an expert on a tool before making anything public. In academia we tend to downplay or hide our mistakes and failures, but learning is messy for everyone!  It’s best to learn by doing, so here I am.

I titled the blog Grounded History for many reasons. I am, at my core, a social historian. I’m interested in the stories of everyday people, in what happens at the grassroots level. And while I love learning about theory, emotions, ideologies, etc. I never want to lose sight of the materiality and physicality of history. I have a particular interest in rural landscapes and the literal ground we (and others in the past) have traversed.

I have recently returned to my research after a post-dissertation hiatus and am exploring the intersections of race, labor and geography in the Missouri Delta. Instead of waiting months or years to share information in a published scholarly article, I will be sharing interesting maps, stories, bits and pieces along the way.

Stay tuned for more on the lumber industry in the Missouri Delta during the WWI-era!

About Heidi Dodson

Heidi Dodson is currently CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow at University at Buffalo.
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